Pictures of the restaurant!

Here are some pictures that Brian has taken of the

Papa Bellos">. It seems like the order might have gotten mixed up, so they may be hard for you to make sense of, there are pictures all the way from pouring the concrete floor, up to present, where all the dry wall is in place. It's coming along! I think Joe's grand opening date of June 15 might be a little too optimistic, that's just two weeks away, yikes!

I'll keep you updated on the opening date.

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Mother’s day

We had a backyard BBQ at Lisa’s to celebrate Mother’s day. It was a gorgeous day, Anita and Tim are in visiting, Brian was there with his wife Tina and kids, Drew and Savannah. Andy was in town too. It was a nice relaxing day. Noah did pretty good considering he was up til 12:45 AM the night before, got up almost at his regular time, and had no nap the whole day. No major meltdowns anyway.

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Got the sign up

Dsc_0610 Things are moving along. Joe is working 12+ hour days. The framing is up, the plumbing and electrical are in. Next is drywall. Hoping for an opening date of June 15. Woohoo!

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Saturday morning birthday party

Noah went to a birthday party for his friend Matt yesterday. It was fun. As usual, he just wanted to do his own thing though. Everyone else played a game called pass the parcel, where if the music stopped and you were holding the parcel (small wrapped toy) then you got to open and keep it. Noah played with a toy instead. Everyone else played Pin the number on Thomas (like pin the tail on the donkey, but with less animal cruelty). Noah wanted to play with a toy instead.Everyone else colored a picture, Noah dismantled a toy instead (oops).  Everyone else ate cake and ice cream and Noah ate cake and ice cream (well, he wasn’t going to miss THAT part, okay?). And he did pull a string in the pinata. He had fun, it just wasn’t the planned, organized fun everyone else had, but that’s ok. 

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