Why my kid may be learning to wash his own clothes soon

So, my sweet little baby is potty trained, woohoo! I guess that makes him not a baby anymore, huh? But who knew buying underwear for a kid could be so frustrating? He has a very sensitive little hiney, not unlike his father. I went out and bought a boat load of those character undies from Target. Turns out, I think he’s allergic to the dye in them. Or something, because after a full day of wearing them his behind (only the behind, oddly) is itchy and red. Do you know that is all most stores sell? I had a hard time finding anything else, but finally found some at a bigger Target. Solid color boxer/briefs. Bought two three packs. He complained that they were plain, and that the tag itched. (There was a big red spot). OK, went to another Target and found some tagless camo briefs. No tag, and a design, bonus! Well, the stuff they use to stick the writing on with (the tagless part) also turned his butt red! (by this time I’m only buy one 3 pack, I know better). So, I finally decided to suck it up and try the Land’s End ones. Yeah, they cost enough to feed a small nation, but it’s a small price to pay for comfort right? So, I order one three pack of plain white tighty whities. The fit, they don’t make his butt red, all is good, right? No, because he really wants something *on* them. So, he does need more than three pair, and they do have some with cowboys or space ships. But guess what? You have to buy a three pack that has two plain, and one design! Are they just messing with me now or what?! Who could anyone possibly think that’s a good idea? So, I have to buy three but he only wants to wear one of the three. I bought him two three packs of the 2 plain/1 design. That’s it. If he wants to rotate the same two pair every other day he’s going to have to learn to work the washing machine himself! 

I just counted it up in my head, I’ve bought him 30 pairs of underwear since February. 

Dear Lands End
Just sell me a three pack of the darn designed ones. I’ll pay a buck extra if I have to, just make the option available.

Signed, Tired of washing the same two pair of undies daily.

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