Poor Max

Dsc_0124 A few weeks ago, the day of Noah’s birthday party, actually, Noah came in the house and said "there’s blood all over!" Now, I didn’t get alarmed because he says things like that a lot. I calmly put down what I was doing, went out on the deck where he just was and…freaked out! Because he was right. It looked like there had been a slaughter out there. Max was lying in a big mess of blood. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I yelled for Joe. He was able to find out that it was coming from the callous on Max’s ‘elbow’. It had broken open. We were able to get the bleeding stopped and we tried to wrap it up. Over the next several days and weeks it broke open several more times, each time with Max losing large quantities of blood. We took him to the vet, but they were really no help. They couldn’t even wrap it so it would stay either.They just said it was a combination of age and being overweight and spending too much time laying on hard surfaces (the tile and deck, mainly). So, I got on the internet and found Dogg Leggs. It’s just for dogs that have this problem, plus other things that can go wrong in that area. So, now he’s got himself a stylish little jacket of sorts to wear to protect the callouses. I’m hoping that by cushioning the callous it will heal, and he won’t have to wear the Dogg Leggs all the time. We’ll see.Dsc_0125

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