Do NOT tell Joe this.

Tonight, after Noah’s bath I was drying him off. He had the towel draped over his head and wrapped around him trailing onto the counter (he was standing on the counter as I dried him). And, he says with his eyes sparkling "I look like a princess!"

Bwahahahahahaha. Hahahahaha. Heehee. Haha. Whew.

Well, I smothered my actual laughter pretty well, bit my tongue and quickly changed the subject. Joe was right there but on the phone and apparently didn’t hear.

Let’s keep it that way, ok?

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Poor Max

Dsc_0124 A few weeks ago, the day of Noah’s birthday party, actually, Noah came in the house and said "there’s blood all over!" Now, I didn’t get alarmed because he says things like that a lot. I calmly put down what I was doing, went out on the deck where he just was and…freaked out! Because he was right. It looked like there had been a slaughter out there. Max was lying in a big mess of blood. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I yelled for Joe. He was able to find out that it was coming from the callous on Max’s ‘elbow’. It had broken open. We were able to get the bleeding stopped and we tried to wrap it up. Over the next several days and weeks it broke open several more times, each time with Max losing large quantities of blood. We took him to the vet, but they were really no help. They couldn’t even wrap it so it would stay either.They just said it was a combination of age and being overweight and spending too much time laying on hard surfaces (the tile and deck, mainly). So, I got on the internet and found Dogg Leggs. It’s just for dogs that have this problem, plus other things that can go wrong in that area. So, now he’s got himself a stylish little jacket of sorts to wear to protect the callouses. I’m hoping that by cushioning the callous it will heal, and he won’t have to wear the Dogg Leggs all the time. We’ll see.Dsc_0125

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Hey Roxanne, tell Lou he’s got competition…

This morning Noah pointed to my ring and said "What’s that?" I said "It’s my wedding ring." Now, we’ve had this conversation before because he already knew you get a wedding ring when you get married. So, he asks "Who are you married to?" I say "Daddy" Then he takes the cap from a rubber stamp that is conveniently just the size of his finger and puts it over the tip of  his finger. "This is my wedding ring" So, of course, I ask him who he’s married to. "Auntie Roxanne" Awwwww

A little while later Joe walked in. I told him to ask Noah who he was married to. Noah, not liking to be put on the spot, comes up with a diversionary tactic. "Shelby!" he says. Oh well. I guess he’s fickle.

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Easter egg hunt

Today was the community Easter egg hunt in Perry Park. Noah wasn’t really too sure what it was all about, but he did have fun.I had visions of him running off into a field, so I had my telephoto lens on. Turns out he didn’t go far at all. I had to keep backing way up to take pictures! He didn’t really get that many eggs, since after he had a handfull he was more interested in seeing what was inside them while everyone else was still collecting. But that’s ok.  Most of the eggs had things like small toys or Hershey’s Kisses.  The first few pictures are with his friend Matthew. He was shy about getting his picture taken with the Easter Bunny, so he wouldn’t look up.

Despite all the snow on the ground, the sun was out and it was fairly nice, probaby 45 or 50 degrees. Nice day!

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One of life’s little disappointments

I bought a couple of frozen chicken pot pies at the grocery store yesterday. Noah watched me get them out and get ready to cook them today and he was so excited we were having *pie* for lunch. I explained they were not dessert pies, there were for lunch. For the full hour they took to cook he kept running in the kitchen and asking if the pies were ready. I kept telling him they were chicken pot pies, no not yet. He’d run in circles yelling how hungry he was, can’t we just take them out now?

So, they were finally done and he’s about bouncing off the walls with excitement. I cut into it and as soon as he spied the vegetables his face just FELL! He asked suspiciously what was that in his pie? I told him it was peas and carrots and you would have thought I told him there was no Christmas this year LOL! It was like the ultimate betrayal! He took one bite and suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore. Sometimes life can be so cruel.

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Need a laugh?

So, this guy is driving along and he’s leaving a voice mail for someone when an accident happens in front of him and he describes what he sees on the voice mail. His laughter is contagious:

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Finally, a pizza update!

Well, the lease is signed! We chose the location on Founders Pkwy next door to Target. Joe is leaving tomorrow to go approve the pizza that the chefs have been working on. We are hoping to be up and running around the first part of July if all goes as planned. The architect is working on the drawings. Woohoo!


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Birthday party pictures…

Well, better late than never. Here are the pictures from Noah’s birthday party. First was the kid party. We had a guy come in a do a puppet show, he did a great job I think. The kids really enjoyed it.

Then, as soon as all the kids left we started another party, Dave, Lisa, Brandy, Ashley and Tony all came over, plus Mom. And Beau and June stopped by. We were partied out by the end of that day!


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Bike ride

It was a really nice day out so we went for a walk/ride. It was the first time Noah has gotten to ride his bike on a surface other than level, and he was quite unhappy to learn there was work involved! He was in kind of a whiney mood, but we still managed to have a good time.

Can’t wait for spring!

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