Speaking Hamsterese

If you have seen the movie "Overboard" (and I know at least one of you have, multiple times!) you might remember there is a kid in there that always speaks in a PeeWee Herman voice.

I’m reminded of that movie because, well, Noah has been speaking in a hamster voice for the last few weeks. It sounds kind of like talking after inhaling helium. In fact, I thought that was when it started, after his birthday party Ashley, Brandy and Joe were sucking up the helium from the balloons. And I thought maybe he was copying them. But, Joe insists, no, it began before that. And he should know because it drives him absolutely crazy. He hates the hamster voice almost as much as he would hate it if Noah suddenly decided he wanted to wear pink ballet shoes and a tutu. Well, maybe not that much, but close. So he tries to get Noah to speak in a "normal" voice, but when he exaggerates it he ends up sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So now Noah goes around speaking like Alvin the Chipmunk or Arnold. Or some weird combination of the two. Oddly enough, I barely notice it, but I can always tell by looking at Joe because you would think somebody was scratching nails on a chalkboard. And, oddly enough, that makes me laugh [insert PeeWee Herman laugh here].  

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