Sometimes our conversations make sense, sometimes they don’t

Yesterday morning Noah woke up early. Since Joe and I went to bed late the night before I decided to get up and head little hamster off at the pass before he could come in and wake up Daddy too. I explained to Noah that Daddy was sleeping and we were going to try not to wake him up. So we go about our morning routine and at some point I go use the guest bathroom. Noah immediately notices my ‘absense’ and begins calling :

Noah: Mom?…mom!…Mommy!…MOMMY! (calling in a panicked voice as if I maybe suddenly just decided to go on a six month expedition to antarctica and forgot to tell him).

Me: (in the loudest hushed whisper I can manange) Noah, I’m in here

Noah: (running round the corner by the powder room straight to our bedroom) MOMMY!

Me: (giving up) NOAH! I’m in here!

Noah appears at the door

Me: Why are you yelling?

Noah: I’m fine

Me: I told you I wanted you to be quiet

Noah: I just wanted to improvise that you were okay.

Well, I’m impressed he knows the word improvise, even if he didn’t use it  correctly. And it’s nice that he’s concerned for me. But jeez, can’t I just go potty without the drama?

P.S. Joe just came out and told me that when Noah ran into the bedroom briefly he announced "I’m going to wake up Daddy!" because that’s probably the best thing to do when your mama has just disappeared into thin air. Which happens a lot, you know.

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