Hamster Birthday to you!

It was a very hamster birthday. Mom and Dad are lame, though. While we did purchase his presents months ago we had no wrapping paper. Also, when Noah first woke up and we told him happy birthday the first thing he wanted to know was where was his cake? I replied "You’ll have to wait and see-eeee!" Translation: Oh crap, I don’t have one! I ordered one for his party with his friends on Saturday but I didn’t think about getting a second one for his actual birthday.

So, we dumped him at grandma’s and ran to the store. We bought the wrapping paper and a hamster cake.
Well, it wasn’t really a hamster, but we got away with it. It was two pupcakes covered in yards of icing to look like a dog, but when he saw it he said "Oh a hamster!" and we took the ball and ran with it.Then he opened his gifts. From Daddy: a Smart Cycle video game. It’s like a little motorcycle/bicycle that you pedal and try to catch letters on the screen (it’s hooked to the tv). At least he’s pedaling while playing  the game, getting some small amount of exercise. And Daddy got him a bowling game. Yes, a bowling alley. It has ball return and electronic score keeper, automatic pin reset and everything. (can you see me rolling my eyes here?) From Grandma, a coin bank that counts your money for you as you put it in. He was a little disappointed to learn that once you put the money in it stays in. And, finally, from Mommy a two sided art easel. It has a chalk board on one side and a dry erase board on the other. It came with magnetic numbers and letters that stick to the dry erase side and you can attach paper to either side as well.

After playing with the gifts for a while we decided to go out to eat, so we headed to Outback. We told the waitress it was his birthday, they planned to sing. She came by our table and asked him his name so they could sing it. Now normally when this happens he gets shy and clams up. I saw in his face he was grappling with the decision of what to say or do under this pressure. Finally, he answered "Baby Hamster"

I could just see all the waiters singing "happy birthday dear Hamster" and having an entire restaurant full of people craning their necks to look at the crazy lady who named her kid Hamster. We fessed up to avoid the embarrasment.

Two things about this day: One, he was a really really good boy all day (well, except I guess for when he first went to grandma’s, but I wasn’t there so it doesn’t count). And two, he kept his pants dry all day… Woohoo! A pretty good birthday, all in all.

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