My baby turns three in less than six hours!

Noah doesn’t particularly like praise. It’s odd. I thought kids thrived on that stuff. Not my kid. He gets irritated when you praise him, changes the subject and I would say even goes so far as to avoid it. For a long time we thought he didn’t know his colors. I was even beginning to worry a tiny bit that he might have been color blind, except for the fact that he (supposedly) didn’t know his letters or numbers either. Since I’ve never heard of ABC blindness and  I thought maybe there was a connection I just let it slide since it was too early for action.

One night, Joe was reading to Noah and trying to get him to work on colors. Noah, as usual, was getting every single color wrong except blue. He knows blue. Well, Joe started praising him and telling him he was right even when he was wrong. Noah got very upset that Joe was telling him he was right when he was wrong. So, from that, we deduced that he did *know* what the right answer was. He had to know the right answer in order to know that what he said was wrong. It was an "aha" moment for us. He still doesn’t like us to work on letters, numbers and colors with him, but I’m feeling much more assured that he is picking it up even if he won’t recite them on command*.

So, with him not appreciating being praised, it has put us in a quandry with the potty training thing. I want to be happy and praise him when he does go, but he really doesn’t like it, so I usually play it down a bit with one "good job!" or something.

Well today I talked him into pooping on the potty. It was a big moment because when I saw him heading for the stairs I knew he was going there to do his business in private. We talked about it for several minutes (something I’ve done numerous times in the past) but this time he finally agreed! Woohoo! And he did it! Woohoo! I decided while I was waiting that if he went I was going all out with the praise. I thought maybe if I really really jumped for joy and danced and sung my heart out I could get him going with me. So when he went, I started in: "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! You did it! You did it! Oh yeah!" All while getting the hands and arms going in a circular motion while wiggling my hips back and forth, hair flying to and fro (more fro, since I’m in dire need of a haircut).

Noah: Mom…MOM?

Me: (pausing mid booty shake) yes?

Noah: (sounding all of thirteen, or whatever age they develop that intense dislike of dorky parenting) Could you please stop that now?

Bahahahah! Ah well, that’s ok. He decided to put on his big boy Spiderman underwear after that and kept them dry the rest of the day until bed time. Woohoo!

*This makes me a bit worried for when he begins school. I can just see me calling the teacher and explaining "well, yes, I know he won’t tell you the right answer, but believe me when I say he really does know it. Can’t you grade him on that if I give you my word?"

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Little Man. I mean Hamster.

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  1. This is too funny, I laughed and laughed and laughed just what I needed for today. Boy are you and Joe in for it for the next 15 years at least look out!
    I love you Noah and Rebecca you missed your calling in writing, you should take a writing class along with your photography class, you do both so well. I’m not sure you even need to take classes but you could put stories to your pictures, they are both great.
    Love Rachelle and Charity too!

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