You can’t shobel with out your glubs

Noah is a pretty good talker for his age, I think. He does have a few cute mispronunciations, which we let slide, and yes, sometimes even encourage. He does know the correct word is cupcakes, but we all still call them pupcakes around these parts. I think he knows the right work is marshmallows, but smarshmallows sound so much better, don’t you agree?

Sadly, I believe the word potaboes has been replaced with the more common noun potatoes. I will miss having potaboes for dinner, it was kind of fun.

This morning at Grandma’s he really wanted to shobel snow. Unfortunately we didn’t bring his glubs. (Or shoes, but that was beside the point). Grandma was telling me that the little tassels that hold her curtains back are called fuzzers. Who knew? And when we show our appreciation we always say "Gank you".

By the way, remember Baby Monkey? Baby Monkey lived with us for quite a while. Eventually, without us realizing it, he stopped coming around. Then recently we’ve had Baby Hamster move in, occupying the space that used to be Baby Monkey’s. Baby Hamster has a cage and a wheel. Oh, and his name is Tricky. Tricky Baby Hamster, as he likes to be called, has many of the same likes and dislikes as Baby Monkey did. What a coincidence. While we were shopping at Costco one day, I came across a super soft fuzzy body pillow that I had to have. That has come to be Tricky’s cage. Whenever Baby Hamster is in our bed, the pillow is off limits to anyone but him. I haven’t allowed it to leave our bed, though, for fear it would mean relinquishing all rights.

So, that’s all for now. I thought I’d have an update for the Pizza thing for you, but things are not settled yet. I’ll just say that it may be going a different direction than we had planned, but things are still moving. I’ll update as soon as anything is set in stone. Soon, I hope. The stress is killing me.   

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