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Pic29 No, this is nobody I know. It’s just some random guy on the internet who got so drunk he passed out. And has rotten friends.

Not much to report here. Noah has been sick all week with a cold. Ugh. Being stuck in the house with a sick toddler makes me feel a lot like that random guy looks.

The other night it was tantrum central here. We were trying to get Noah out of the bath and dressed for bed, but we had to keep putting him in time out every two minutes. He even went buck naked for one of them. I had planned to feed him a TV dinner (just because it was the fastest thing I had on hand) and get him to bed ASAP, but I didn’t like the idea because TV dinners are a fun treat. So, I tried to hide the fact it was a TV dinner by putting the food on a plate and leaving out the dessert. Unfortunately, the little stinker recognized the incognito food right away. When he asked for the pudding that comes with it Joe explained that he had not been behaving himself, what with 3 or 4 time outs with in the previous half hour (I lost count!) and that he did not deserve a dessert. Noah said nothing, happily ate his dinner and got ready for bed.

One of his favorite books is the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Ever since he was tiny he has loved the inside cover which is covered with colored dots. He thinks they look like candy and always has to start the book by picking a candy for everyone he knows. Well, that night when he got to picking Daddy’s treat he decided Daddy didn’t get one, he didn’t deserve it. (snicker snicker, guess that’ll show him, huh?)

Anyway, here are some odds and ends pictures I had hanging out in my camera I decided to upload before I cleaned off the card. There are a few where he was scrubbing his hair on the couch causing it to stand up, but it’s hard to see. A few where he’d been putting a black marker in his mouth (washable, thankfully!), a few where he was playing with a gift he got from Grandma Bobbie and one of him on my computer. Can you believe that kid can click and drag already? Genius I tell ya.

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