I should have gotten the girl toy…

Dsc_0061 So. I stopped at McDonalds and picked up a happy meal for Noah.A semi-rare treat. Do you know that they ask you if you want a toy for girl or a boy? It seems kind of sexist to me, I mean they could ask you if you want the doll or the robot. Or the blue car or the pink car.

You may think I’m a mean mom, but my kid doesn’t know that Happy Meals come with a toy. I always pilfer the toy out before I hand him the bag. The reason being is he enjoys the junk food, no further entertainment is required at this time. So, I tuck the toy away and save it for when it’s really needed. Like at a sit down restaurant after we order, or some errand that will require my attention and his relative good behavior. Then its an ideal time to whip out a toy that has never been seen. Much more appreciated by both parent and child, believe me. Any way, as usual I pulled the toy out of the bag. I usually toss them in the cupboard, but I stopped to look at this one. I couldn’t tell by looking at it what it was. So, I read the bag: ARMPIT WAFFLE TOY. Excuse me? So, I look closer. Yep, I read that right. Armpit Waffle toy. Ooooooookay. So I remove it from the bag to inspect. I find this gray sort of lump with eyes and a mouth, one arm outstretched with the opposite hand under the arm. So, I can see that the arm moves. Of course I push it. Guess what comes out next? Yep, a fart noise. Are you kidding me? A gray lump that farts is the boy toy? It came with instructions and just because I was unbelieving of what I was seeing and hearing I looked them over. There is a diagram of how to push down the arm and then a picture of a cloud of gas emitting from the rear.

I don’t care what Joe says, from now on he gets the girl toy.  If they had asked me if I wanted the fart toy or the frilly pink lacy mini-barbie I would pick the mini-barbie for him every time.

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