First time skiing

We took Noah skiing last Thursday. Joe’s cousin Brian was here with his two kids, Drew and Savannah. It was the first time for them Southern Georgia folk as well as for Noah. We thought the easy thing to do would be to get Noah up the hill on the tow rope. As it turned out, that about did Joe in before we ever got going. Pulling his own weight plus a squirmy toddler was harder than he thought. Noah complained/cried on the way up but, man, if you could have seen the smile while they were coming down! Joe kept Noah between his skis and held his poles horizontally in front of Noah for him to grab on to. After that we tried the small lift. Joe ended up holding Noah and I held Joe’s poles. We want to go again, we saw other people with a harness on their kids. I want to try that. Seems like it would be easier to have him on a leash!

Also, one of the highlights of the day for Noah was that he got to ride on a real, actual school bus! Woohoo! I think that may have been his (admittedly short) life’s dream ever since he first saw one. They used a school bus to take people from the parking lot up to the lodge where you buy lift tickets. Joe and Brian were going to run up there while I stayed at the car with the kids. Noah watched Joe get on the bus. Then he asked if he was going to get to ride when Daddy got back. I said no. He said "because I’m to little?" I gave him the easiest answer, which was "yes". He immediately burst in to tears as though his little heart was shattering into a million pieces. I couldn’t stand it, so I scooped him up and ran over and threw him on just before it left yelling up to Joe, who I could not see, to get him. Brian told me later he had The Biggest Grin you ever saw as he got on. Then, I guess on the way back they missed the bus by a few seconds, Joe was trying to yell for it, but it was too late. When the next bus came (minutes later) Noah kept accusing the driver: "You left us!" I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even the same guy as there was more than one bus.

I got some cute video of Joe and Noah skiing, but unfortunately the video camera got dropped. The camera survived, but the disk was scratched and won’t play. I’m hoping I can repair it.

Here are a few photos we snapped right when we got there. 

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