Yesterday 50, today 12

Degrees that is. Noah and I met up with his friend Patrick at the park yesterday. Patrick’s little brother Charlie came along too and we brought the boy’s bicycles so they could ride. It was over cast, there was still some snow on the ground, but the weather wasn’t too bad. There was lots of gravel throwing, in other words the boys had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures.

It’s really cold out there today. Brrrrrrr!

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There are no original ideas left

So things are moving along with the restaurant. We have it narrowed down to two possible locations. We have decided on Castle Rock instead of Highlands Ranch. A better product (pizza) is in the works. Joe is getting very excited and is brainstorming constantly on things we can do to make it successful. One thing he really wanted to do was to have good toilet paper in the restrooms. (OK, I’ll wait while y’all stop laughing…) You have to understand that good TP is very important to Joe. It has to be Charmin Ultra or he’s just not gonna…um, well you know. So, he’s been adamant that we will be known as the pizza place that takes care of your bum as well your appetite. OK, I just made that up on the spot- we’ll polish the slogan later.

Can you believe we have to get in line? 

H_3048_40 H_3048_41

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Sweet tooth

Squarescereal Noah has just in the last couple of days decided to eat cereal. For some reason, aside from the dry cheerios he ate as a baby, he never wanted to eat cereal. So he ate several bowls of Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Not the healthiest; not the worst thing out there. It has a picture of a spoonful of brown sugar on the front, which Noah inquired about this morning. Then this afternoon it goes like this:

Noah: Mommy, do you have any brown sugar?

Me: Noah, we don’t just eat brown sugar. You can use a little bit to put on something, but you don’t just eat it by itself.

Noah: Do you have something to put some on?

Me: No. I have nothing to put brown sugar on right now.

Noah: How about a spoon? Could we put brown sugar on a spoon?

Sure kiddo. They do it on the cereal box, why not?

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I should have gotten the girl toy…

Dsc_0061 So. I stopped at McDonalds and picked up a happy meal for Noah.A semi-rare treat. Do you know that they ask you if you want a toy for girl or a boy? It seems kind of sexist to me, I mean they could ask you if you want the doll or the robot. Or the blue car or the pink car.

You may think I’m a mean mom, but my kid doesn’t know that Happy Meals come with a toy. I always pilfer the toy out before I hand him the bag. The reason being is he enjoys the junk food, no further entertainment is required at this time. So, I tuck the toy away and save it for when it’s really needed. Like at a sit down restaurant after we order, or some errand that will require my attention and his relative good behavior. Then its an ideal time to whip out a toy that has never been seen. Much more appreciated by both parent and child, believe me. Any way, as usual I pulled the toy out of the bag. I usually toss them in the cupboard, but I stopped to look at this one. I couldn’t tell by looking at it what it was. So, I read the bag: ARMPIT WAFFLE TOY. Excuse me? So, I look closer. Yep, I read that right. Armpit Waffle toy. Ooooooookay. So I remove it from the bag to inspect. I find this gray sort of lump with eyes and a mouth, one arm outstretched with the opposite hand under the arm. So, I can see that the arm moves. Of course I push it. Guess what comes out next? Yep, a fart noise. Are you kidding me? A gray lump that farts is the boy toy? It came with instructions and just because I was unbelieving of what I was seeing and hearing I looked them over. There is a diagram of how to push down the arm and then a picture of a cloud of gas emitting from the rear.

I don’t care what Joe says, from now on he gets the girl toy.  If they had asked me if I wanted the fart toy or the frilly pink lacy mini-barbie I would pick the mini-barbie for him every time.

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First time skiing

We took Noah skiing last Thursday. Joe’s cousin Brian was here with his two kids, Drew and Savannah. It was the first time for them Southern Georgia folk as well as for Noah. We thought the easy thing to do would be to get Noah up the hill on the tow rope. As it turned out, that about did Joe in before we ever got going. Pulling his own weight plus a squirmy toddler was harder than he thought. Noah complained/cried on the way up but, man, if you could have seen the smile while they were coming down! Joe kept Noah between his skis and held his poles horizontally in front of Noah for him to grab on to. After that we tried the small lift. Joe ended up holding Noah and I held Joe’s poles. We want to go again, we saw other people with a harness on their kids. I want to try that. Seems like it would be easier to have him on a leash!

Also, one of the highlights of the day for Noah was that he got to ride on a real, actual school bus! Woohoo! I think that may have been his (admittedly short) life’s dream ever since he first saw one. They used a school bus to take people from the parking lot up to the lodge where you buy lift tickets. Joe and Brian were going to run up there while I stayed at the car with the kids. Noah watched Joe get on the bus. Then he asked if he was going to get to ride when Daddy got back. I said no. He said "because I’m to little?" I gave him the easiest answer, which was "yes". He immediately burst in to tears as though his little heart was shattering into a million pieces. I couldn’t stand it, so I scooped him up and ran over and threw him on just before it left yelling up to Joe, who I could not see, to get him. Brian told me later he had The Biggest Grin you ever saw as he got on. Then, I guess on the way back they missed the bus by a few seconds, Joe was trying to yell for it, but it was too late. When the next bus came (minutes later) Noah kept accusing the driver: "You left us!" I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even the same guy as there was more than one bus.

I got some cute video of Joe and Noah skiing, but unfortunately the video camera got dropped. The camera survived, but the disk was scratched and won’t play. I’m hoping I can repair it.

Here are a few photos we snapped right when we got there. 

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The Man Cold

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