It’s official…

Joe is the Colorado representative for Papa Bello Pizza. The contract is signed and the check has been handed over. Whew! Scary. Exciting. He should be out looking for the spot for the first location next week.

Joe is still a non-smoker. Woohoo! It’s still tough for him, even after 6 weeks. Today in the car he expressed a desire, but luckily Noah was there to tell him no. I think that is his real motivation right there. That makes me so happy!

Noah keeps busy with driving me crazy/making me laugh all the time. I’m getting the question "What are you doing?" a lot. Especially when it’s obvious. If you answer the question, it often gets asked again 20 seconds later. So, I’ve been trying to answer his question with a question.

This morning I was using the bathroom.

Noah: What are you doing?

Me: What do you think I’m doing?

Noah: Don’t YOU know?

I think he’s on to me.

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  1. Joe I couldn’t be happier for you. I hope all goes well and you get alot of stores. I know they will be the best.
    And good for you Noah keep on top of your parents, out of the mouth of babes.
    love Rachelle and Charity too!

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