Okay…this made me cry…

I don’t recommend reading at this at work unless you want everyone to hear you sniffling!


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We had a white Christmas, but…

Christmas eve Noah was being a pill. He was whiney, contradictory and just plain onery. No amount of telling him Santa was watching helped. In fact, it made it worse. We went out to eat with Grandma and it got to the point where I was scolding her instead of him because everything we said was making matters worse and it was easier to tell her to knock it off than him. At one point she said to him "You are Mr. Contrary, aren’t you?" and (predictably) he said "No! I’m not Contrary!" Then he added "I’m Troncalli!"

I was chalking the behavior up to the fact that we had had three weeks of build up and hype for Christmas and now that it was finally here it was just overwhelming.

But…but…then at three A.M. Noah woke up and…barfed. All over. It was on him, the bed, the pillow, the quilt, even a little on the carpet for good measure. I got him cleaned up and for the next two hours he kept barfing. So, maybe the bad behavior was, at least in part, because he wasn’t feeling well.

Anyhow, he finally got back to sleep around 5:30 or so and slept in until about 9:30. He didn’t barf anymore but he didn’t eat much all day. A little milk and some crackers was about it. But, he did get to enjoy Christmas. It took him all day to open his gifts. He’d open one, play for about an hour and then move on to the next one. Between the late start and an afternoon nap and everything he finally opened the last one around 7:00. His attitude improved tenfold from the day before and we all had a nice day. It snowed and snowed and snowed all day. Grandma came over in the afternoon and we had a nice dinner. Santa had brought Noah a sled, but since he still wasn’t 100% we didn’t try to go outside and use it.

The zinger of the day…Santa left a battery operated Spiderman toothbrush in his stocking. Noah pulls it out of the package and announces "This smells like crap!" I had briefly left the room and Joe was laughing too hard to explain that crap is not a nice word. Then I smelled the toothbrush, and I had to agree with him. It had a very strong plasticky, rubbery smell to it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Joe had *just* turned off the video camera seconds before Noah said it.

So, the big gifts were:

Blue Go, Diego, Go bicycle with training wheels

Playmobil airplane-it’s very cute and quite detailed. It has working doors, cargo compartment, bathroom complete with tiny toilet paper and came with a few people.

A real electric guitar complete with tiny amp (of course this was Joe’s idea). As soon as we think he is ready we will start some lessons. Not sure how long that will be. We already explained that this is not a toy and he can only use it when someone is supervising.

Punching bag. Also Joe’s idea.

Clickstart My First Computer. It’s a keyboard that allows him to play number and letter games on the TV screen. We got it to work yesterday, then today it won’t work. Sigh. 

Jesse and Bullseye dolls to go with his Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

From Grandma Sally a realistic stuffed monkey that responds to you with noises and facial expressions.

Here are some pictures. There aren’t that many since I was mostly manning both the camera and the video camera. I’ll see if I can get some video edited and uploaded later. Enjoy!


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While visions of sugar danced in his head…

Dsc_0235_2 Oh my, we sure have had a lot of sugar around here lately. Today was no exception. Grandma came over and helped us build a gingerbread house. I, of course, did not read the instructions before hand. I didn’t realize we were supposed to let it set for 30 to 60 minutes between steps. So, it took a lot longer than I thought. I didn’t get a good shot of him with the finished product, he was acting a little loopy by that point. But we had fun!

*Oh, and yes, in one picture you can see him licking the instruction sheet where I dripped some frosting. Can’t waste a single drop!

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“Don’t come in here!”

OK, so that’s never a good sign. Today I was in my bedroom. I hear "mom, where are you?" I answer and a little rocket in Buzz Lightyear pj’s zooms into the room. "Don’t come in here!" I assume he means the living room where he has been playing. "Why? What are you doing in there?" He says "I’m playing anoshes." (that’s the phonetic spelling). You are playing what? "Anoshes!" So, of course, even though I’m afraid, I venture to the living room where I find all 4864 pieces to a game called Bottle Tops spread far and wide. So, again I ask "what are you playing?" Noah picks up a plastic axe that came with a fireman costume and begins swinging it so that wooden ‘bottles tops’ go flying. "See? I’m playing anoshes!"

Me: OH! you mean obnoxious?

Noah: Yes!

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Freebies on buy.com

I thought you might appreciate this:


Just pick out an item from the $10 bin, many have free shipping (woohoo!) then sign up for Google check out and they will subtract $10 from your total. Hint: make sure you pick something that has a yellow truck icon for free shipping, the other ones require a minimum purchase. Also, there are other things on the website that cost $10 or less, you are not restricted to these bargain pages.

In other news…tonight as Noah was getting ready for bed we had this conversation:

Me: OW!!! (because he had just bonked me in the nose with his toy guitar).

Noah: Can I have a treat?

Me: is that what we say when we smack some one in the face, even if was by accident?

Noah: (insert eye roll here) May I have a treat please?

Oh yeah. That’s much better. (insert eye roll here as well).

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It’s official…

Joe is the Colorado representative for Papa Bello Pizza. The contract is signed and the check has been handed over. Whew! Scary. Exciting. He should be out looking for the spot for the first location next week.

Joe is still a non-smoker. Woohoo! It’s still tough for him, even after 6 weeks. Today in the car he expressed a desire, but luckily Noah was there to tell him no. I think that is his real motivation right there. That makes me so happy!

Noah keeps busy with driving me crazy/making me laugh all the time. I’m getting the question "What are you doing?" a lot. Especially when it’s obvious. If you answer the question, it often gets asked again 20 seconds later. So, I’ve been trying to answer his question with a question.

This morning I was using the bathroom.

Noah: What are you doing?

Me: What do you think I’m doing?

Noah: Don’t YOU know?

I think he’s on to me.

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Apparently I got gypped!

Noah: What is that?

Me: a new wallet

Noah: is there any money in it?

Me: no

Noah: (incredulously) Oh man! You mean they forgot to fill it up?!?!

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