Our conversation this morning…

Ashley (aka Jennifer) came over with Rachelle yesterday and spent the night last night. This morning I went down to Noah’s room to get him, and he wanted to wake up Ashley.

Noah: Can we wake up Ashley?

Me: No, let’s wait it’s still early.

Noah: (walking up the stairs) Now can we up Ashley?

Me: No, it’s too early. Let’s go get some milk.

Noah: After we get some milk can we wake up Ashley?

Me: No, let’s let her sleep a little more.

Noah: After I drink my milk, then we can wake up Ashley?

Me: Noah…

(At this point, Noah absently opens the cupboard where I have stored Fishsticks two homes, out of sight, out of mind).

Noah: Is Fishy in his bowl?

Me: (Deer in the headlights look for sure) Uh, no, honey, he’s not.

Noah: Where is he?

Me: Well, I’m sorry honey, but he died.

Noah: (looking very distrubed) But where is he? (looking on the counter where his bowl used to sit)

Me: He’s gone honey, sometimes that happens

Noah: (quiet for a very long time time, obviously thinking it over…me, preparing for what might come next)….Can I go wake up Ashley?

Me: (Big sigh of relief) YES! Yes, you may go wake up Ashley!

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