Whatever you do, do NOT offer Joe a carrot

So, Joe quit smoking as of the 1st. He’s taking Chantix, which he says helps a lot, but it is still really hard for him. Last night, about 10:30 he started saying how much he wanted a cigarette. So, I offered to get him some gum. To which he complained bitterly about how his jaw was sore from chewing two packs already. Then I went through my mental filing cabinet about what I remember him reading off the internet for ideas of what to do. One of which was to chew on a carrot stick. So, I graciously offered to go get one.

He snapped.

I think his next words were "Don’t screw with me!" or something that. Followed by an entire tirade of how this is an hour by hour battle, and I just don’t understand.It’s worse than an alchoholic trying to stop drinking. Then his called his Mommy and told on me. Seriously.

So, how long does this part last?

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  1. don’t even ask 😦

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