Bad Bird!

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Bad, Bad bird!!!

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I’m dreaming of a Mountain Dew Christmas…

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He’s figured it out

Commercialism. It’s here.

One of Noah’s favorite activities these days is to pour over the toy catalogs. He goes through them page by page saying "I wish I would have one of those!" and "That’s a cool ___ thing" (whatever the thing is, or at least he thinks it is).

But he got it right on the money today. He was showing me things he said "I need that, Mommy, and that. I need two junks!"

At least he sees both sides.

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Some fun pictures (not mine!)


25 photographs taken at exactly the right time!

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Our conversation this morning…

Ashley (aka Jennifer) came over with Rachelle yesterday and spent the night last night. This morning I went down to Noah’s room to get him, and he wanted to wake up Ashley.

Noah: Can we wake up Ashley?

Me: No, let’s wait it’s still early.

Noah: (walking up the stairs) Now can we up Ashley?

Me: No, it’s too early. Let’s go get some milk.

Noah: After we get some milk can we wake up Ashley?

Me: No, let’s let her sleep a little more.

Noah: After I drink my milk, then we can wake up Ashley?

Me: Noah…

(At this point, Noah absently opens the cupboard where I have stored Fishsticks two homes, out of sight, out of mind).

Noah: Is Fishy in his bowl?

Me: (Deer in the headlights look for sure) Uh, no, honey, he’s not.

Noah: Where is he?

Me: Well, I’m sorry honey, but he died.

Noah: (looking very distrubed) But where is he? (looking on the counter where his bowl used to sit)

Me: He’s gone honey, sometimes that happens

Noah: (quiet for a very long time time, obviously thinking it over…me, preparing for what might come next)….Can I go wake up Ashley?

Me: (Big sigh of relief) YES! Yes, you may go wake up Ashley!

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Whatever you do, do NOT offer Joe a carrot

So, Joe quit smoking as of the 1st. He’s taking Chantix, which he says helps a lot, but it is still really hard for him. Last night, about 10:30 he started saying how much he wanted a cigarette. So, I offered to get him some gum. To which he complained bitterly about how his jaw was sore from chewing two packs already. Then I went through my mental filing cabinet about what I remember him reading off the internet for ideas of what to do. One of which was to chew on a carrot stick. So, I graciously offered to go get one.

He snapped.

I think his next words were "Don’t screw with me!" or something that. Followed by an entire tirade of how this is an hour by hour battle, and I just don’t understand.It’s worse than an alchoholic trying to stop drinking. Then his called his Mommy and told on me. Seriously.

So, how long does this part last?

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Fishstick 2007-2007

I had been meaning to write here that we had gotten a new pet. In September, on one of our many trips to Petsmart I picked up a Betta on a whim. We named him Fishstick, but called him Fishy for short because Noah was a little disturbed by his name. Those of you who knew me when may remember Travis Carter Montgomery III. He was a Betta that I had for a very long time. Extraordinarily long time. I was counting on that scenario again I guess. I figured I had plenty of time to write about Fishy.

Well, this morning, Noah was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Fishstick. Because he was ‘sleeping’. Um, yeah. Not so much sleeping as, well, dead.

I’m not really sure what went wrong. I bought him two fishbowls so that I could transfer him from one to the other with out having to do the one hour in the cup thing-I’d just get the other bowl ready an hour before. I thought he’d  like that betta. Get it? Betta? Anyway, I transferred him yesterday and this morning he was sleeping with the fishes. Or something like that.

Now what to tell Noah when he notices the fish and bowl are gone?

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Has that got chocolate in it?

Dsc_0100 Well, Halloween has come and gone. Noah’s costume was a sheriff on a horse. Saturday we took him to a Halloween party sponsered by the local elementary school. It was at the renaissance festival. Noah had a pretty good time. He liked playing all the games. I think bowling was his favorite.Dsc_0135 We didn’t have him wear the horse part of the costume at this party because it was cumbersome for playing games, and I was afraid it would get wrecked tromping around in the dirt outside. We tried to get our sheriff on a real horse, (well okay, shetland pony) but that didn’t work out so well. Dsc_0109  Then at the end he got to go "trick or treating" where all the teachers stood in a line and handed out candy and toys.

Then on Wednesday we took him to a party at the library.Dsc_0171  They read a few books, then had some treats. Noah liked the chocolate cookies, you could hold the stories next time though.

Then that evening we went to Grandma Bobbie’s house. Andy and Blake were there, and Dave, Lisa, Ashley and Brandy all came by. We worked ahead of time, talking about manners, how we say Trick or Treat when someone comes to the door, and how we say Thank you when someone gives us a treat. He was pretty good, he said one or the other, sometimes both, but what he made sure to say at each and every house with out fail: Is there chocolate in that? That was the most important thing to know, for sure. When anyone held out the bowl and let him pick, he chose (in this order) 1. a Tootsie pop (chocolate inside, you know) 2. a chocolate bar 3. A regular plain ole lollipop.

Here are all the pictures in slideshow. Enjoy!


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