Roscoe’s results are in…

Good news, bad news, bad news, good news…

The good news is it is not cancer, yay! So relieved to hear that!

The bad news is it was a contagious fungal infection Dermatophytosis. Contagious to humans as well as dogs and cats.

The other bad news is that means the surgery was actually the wrong course of treatment. It should have been treated with topical ointments. At least we don’t have to deal with months of treating it and hoping it didn’t get spread anyone else in the house. They did say they believed they got the whole thing so he is not contagious anymore. 

The good news is he is going to be ok, though it will take a while to recover from this surgery.

I think we are done with that vet. It really upsets me they did unnecessary surgery.

And in other news…Joe’s interview went well yesterday and he was approved. Now it is up to Joe. He has until Monday to decide if he really wants to go through with it. That’s when he has to sign the contract and give them a non-refundable check for franchise fees. And begin the training. Very stressfull trying to decide if this is the right decision. I believe it is though. Joe has the business sense to make this work and they will give him the knowledge he needs to know how to promote and market. I know the next few years will be hard work, but hopefully it will all pay off sooner rather than later.

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