I refuse to have fun, and you can’t make me!

They had an open house day today at the Larkspur Fire Department. It was a beautiful day, a perfect 75 degrees. A little windy, but still nice enough. It was pretty neat, they had all the engines out, all shined up for the occasion. They had not one, but two helicopters there, open and waiting for curious kids to climb inside. There were free hotdogs, a bouncy castle, face painting, cut outs of firemen where you could poke your face through and have your picture taken to look like you were in full fireman gear.

And Noah was having none of it. He. Just. Wasn’t. In. The. Mood. He didn’t want anyone to look at him, talk to him, show him anything or even just acknowledge his presence in this earth in any way, shape or form. We did manage to get a temporary tattoo on his arm, a sherrif’s badge, and boy was he mad! Luckily his sleeve covered it so he did forget it about it quickly as I tried to cajole him toward the face painting booth. Why cry over a little badge on your arm when you can get really worked up about having to suffer through getting a frog on your cheek?

It was even Noah’s lucky day, because they were also doing a flu shot clinic and I had every intention of having him get one. And perfect, I thought, why ruin a  good day, when you can wreck a really lousy one? But, it was not to be, they were only doing them for four years old and up. He doesn’t even know the peril he narrowly escaped.

I went first with Joe, then I went back with mom so she could get a flu shot. I had forgotten the camera on the first trip, but it didn’t really matter because the pictures I got were not all that great anyway. Noah refused to get in the helicopter, although I managed to sneak one of mom holding him somewhere in the vicinity of one. He briefly looked at the fire truck. And I did manage to snap a few psuedo smiles in front of the bouncy castle. (On the second trip with mom, he didn’t actually enter the castle, despite what you may think. There were too many kids in there and he was just Not. In. The. Mood.) Oh, and, at one point, I asked him what he had in his mouth and it turned out it was leaf. Yum! Hot dogs ain’t got nothin’ on debris from the ground. 

Oh well. There’s always next year.

P.S. Here are all the pictures in slideshow form, if that is easier for you.

P.P.S. As you can see I found the charger for my camera battery. Yay!

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