Joe is coming home today.

Well, we are both feeling a little bit let down because we were excited to get started on this business. However, when it came time to sign the contract we decided to wait. There were things in the contract that Joe really wasn’t comfortable with. He consulted with a lawyer who basically told him it was standard legal stuff, but that he was right to be cautious about it. He still has the option to go to the next training session that begins on January 7th. Or we may choose to try to do a ‘mom and pop’ pizza business. Or we may do something else. I just don’t know what to do. Very stressful to decide.

Roscoe is doing as well as can be expected. He’s very unyhappy wearing the e collar. I do take it off and give him breaks, I wrap a washcloth around his leg with some tape, but left alone for even a minute he rips that right off and begins licking.   

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Roscoe’s results are in…

Good news, bad news, bad news, good news…

The good news is it is not cancer, yay! So relieved to hear that!

The bad news is it was a contagious fungal infection Dermatophytosis. Contagious to humans as well as dogs and cats.

The other bad news is that means the surgery was actually the wrong course of treatment. It should have been treated with topical ointments. At least we don’t have to deal with months of treating it and hoping it didn’t get spread anyone else in the house. They did say they believed they got the whole thing so he is not contagious anymore. 

The good news is he is going to be ok, though it will take a while to recover from this surgery.

I think we are done with that vet. It really upsets me they did unnecessary surgery.

And in other news…Joe’s interview went well yesterday and he was approved. Now it is up to Joe. He has until Monday to decide if he really wants to go through with it. That’s when he has to sign the contract and give them a non-refundable check for franchise fees. And begin the training. Very stressfull trying to decide if this is the right decision. I believe it is though. Joe has the business sense to make this work and they will give him the knowledge he needs to know how to promote and market. I know the next few years will be hard work, but hopefully it will all pay off sooner rather than later.

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Joe is in Detroit, Roscoe’s doing ok…

Joe left yesterday. Boy, I wasn’t expecting it to be that tear jerking. Watching him say goodbye to his son for a month was hard. I don’t think Noah really understood, but knew something was up and was just clinging to him. Then, as we were driving home, just as my eyes were finally beginning to dry up Noah asked for "Daddy’s song" on the radio. (It’s a song on Noah’s CD about a kid who hates to eat peas!). That turned the faucets back on. Oh, and then again at bed time when we got to part in our routine where he should have given daddy his hugs and kisses.

About Roscoe, we still don’t have pathology report back yet. I took him in for a bandage change yesterday. Then last night he began chewing at the new bandage, so I had to take him back to the vet’s at 9:30 pm. They decided to remove it and put an e collar on him. He really doesn’t like it, poor thing.

Here are a few pictures, but *warning* there is one close up of the wound because Joe wanted to see it. It’s a little gruesome. Click here.

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Roscoe’s finally home. Surgery went fine, but he’s still groggy. He has eaten and drank some. We won’t have results of the pathology for a week.

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Roscoe is going in for surgery today

We found a lump on Roscoe’s leg a few days ago. They took a biopsy and found a few "unusual" cells. So, they are removing the lump today (it’s fairly large, bigger than a quarter, smaller than a golf ball). Please say a prayer that it is not cancer. If it is, they will need to amputate the leg. The bad part about that is that we never had him get the surgery on his back legs, so it might be even more difficult for him.  I’m not sure when we will get the pathology back, but last time it was in about 24 hours.

We are also busy trying to get Joe ready to leave for Michigan. For anyone who doesn’t know, he’s going Friday for his interview with Hungry Howie’s Pizza. If they approve him, he will start a month long training course on Monday and when he gets back he will be ready to move on opening a store ASAP.

It’s a big, scary step and we will surely miss him, being gone for a month. We’ve been telling Noah that Daddy will be gone for a while, but I don’t think he understands.

Please say a prayer for us that everything goes smoothly. I’ll update later about Roscoe.   

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Yeah, my mom is my hair stylist…

Dsc_0148 So, what’s your point?

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Ever have days like this?


Click to enlarge

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I refuse to have fun, and you can’t make me!

They had an open house day today at the Larkspur Fire Department. It was a beautiful day, a perfect 75 degrees. A little windy, but still nice enough. It was pretty neat, they had all the engines out, all shined up for the occasion. They had not one, but two helicopters there, open and waiting for curious kids to climb inside. There were free hotdogs, a bouncy castle, face painting, cut outs of firemen where you could poke your face through and have your picture taken to look like you were in full fireman gear.

And Noah was having none of it. He. Just. Wasn’t. In. The. Mood. He didn’t want anyone to look at him, talk to him, show him anything or even just acknowledge his presence in this earth in any way, shape or form. We did manage to get a temporary tattoo on his arm, a sherrif’s badge, and boy was he mad! Luckily his sleeve covered it so he did forget it about it quickly as I tried to cajole him toward the face painting booth. Why cry over a little badge on your arm when you can get really worked up about having to suffer through getting a frog on your cheek?

It was even Noah’s lucky day, because they were also doing a flu shot clinic and I had every intention of having him get one. And perfect, I thought, why ruin a  good day, when you can wreck a really lousy one? But, it was not to be, they were only doing them for four years old and up. He doesn’t even know the peril he narrowly escaped.

I went first with Joe, then I went back with mom so she could get a flu shot. I had forgotten the camera on the first trip, but it didn’t really matter because the pictures I got were not all that great anyway. Noah refused to get in the helicopter, although I managed to sneak one of mom holding him somewhere in the vicinity of one. He briefly looked at the fire truck. And I did manage to snap a few psuedo smiles in front of the bouncy castle. (On the second trip with mom, he didn’t actually enter the castle, despite what you may think. There were too many kids in there and he was just Not. In. The. Mood.) Oh, and, at one point, I asked him what he had in his mouth and it turned out it was leaf. Yum! Hot dogs ain’t got nothin’ on debris from the ground. 

Oh well. There’s always next year.

P.S. Here are all the pictures in slideshow form, if that is easier for you.

P.P.S. As you can see I found the charger for my camera battery. Yay!

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Potty training setback…

Well, there has only been mild interest in the potty around here lately. Even the M&M’s aren’t enough incentive most days.

And then today, Noah picked up a whatchamacallit junk catalog I had laying around, one of the four billion that arrives in our mailbox weekly thanks to grandma. On the back was The Bog Monster. Noah says "why is there a monster in the potty?" I tried to be low key, "Oh, it’s not real, it’s just for a joke". Noah is not convinced "He has sharp teeth that can bite me" Me: "No, it’s just pretend, to be funny". Noah: "No, mama, it’s not funny".

Great, just what we needed!


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