The Big Blueberry Shake Fiasco

So, we have decided to eat healthier. And excercise. I decided I would try to make some breakfast drinks for us. I get up at 6:30 this morning, having been awakened by a tiny, loud monster cute little cuddle bug. So, I’m all set. I’ve been to the store, I have all the correct ingredients. I own a blender (even if it is a reeeeaaaally old, cheap one that only two buttons left on it still work). I begin putting all the stuff, including apple juice and two and a half cups of frozen blueberries into said blender. Turn the thing on. Not much happening. After examination, I discover the blueberries are frozen into one solid lump, they are not mixing. Then upon further examination I discover there is no liquid. I’m wondering where the one and one quarter cup apple juice and the half cup of skim milk has gone, as it slowly dawns on me something is dripping on my foot.

I have assembled the blender incorrectly and all the liquid has leaked out. But did it just run down the cupboard onto the floor? Oh no, couldn’t be that easy. It ran into my utensil drawer. Then, when that was full, it overflowed into the cuboard below that with my pots. Only then, did it leak out and puddle onto the floor. Where I was standing. And Noah, who is now running in circles, is tracking it everywhere.

So, I clean the counter. And my cupboard, inside and out.And the floor. And my feet. And Noah’s feet. And the rest of Noah, because, well…he can always use it. The utensils and pots are still in the sink waiting to be cleaned, nine hours later.

I pour the blueberry gunk into a pitcher (Mommy, why are you throwing my shake into the trash can?!), clean the blender, reassemble it, add the blueberry gunk and add the liquids again. It still leaks (!) but not near as bad.

I put it on liquify, because it’s either that or puree since the rest of the buttons are stuck (whether for mechanical reasons or because they have 20 years worth of gunk underneath them no one knows), pour Noah a cupfull just as Joe walks into the kitchen. I explain what has happened, but proud that I have managed to salvage it and it doesn’t taste half bad. I know blueberry is his favorite so I’m pleased I was able to make something he will like. Guess what he says? "Thanks but I’m fasting this morning, I have to do blood work…remember?" Ah…wait, make that AAaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Well, Noah enjoyed it, anyway. Oh, and incidentally, I went to Walmart. That blender has seen it’s last day. Brand spanking shiny new one awaits our banana shakes tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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