My baby monkey…

One day a few weeks ago Noah turned into a lion and the lion asked if he could go visit grandma. So, I sent the lion off but when grandma called she informed me that there was no lion, however, a baby monkey showed up on her porch. Ever since then Baby Monkey has been hanging around off and on. A few little known facts about Baby Monkies…they love ice cream. And chocolate covered cookies. They can’t stand to take naps, in fact they don’t even like the word nap. However, they love to be cuddled and rocked and sung to. Especially Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. If you ask Baby Monkey a question about his state of being, for example "are you hot?" "are you hungry?" "are you tired?" The answer will envariable be an emphatic, "NO! I’m just a Baby Monkey!" Apparently when you are a Baby Monkey you are incapable of existing in any other state of being at the same time. 

Also, today was Ptooey Day. Oh my, it’s all my fault. We were playing with Noah’s duck puppet. Noah was trying to feed him french fries. The duck (aka mom) didn’t like french fries, he kept spitting them out and saying  "Ptooey" and asking for Begetables (you know, carrots, broccoli, greenbeans= begetables.) So, Noah thought that was hysterical. Like so funny he’d roll on the floor laughing, literally. And he decided he really likes the word Ptooey. In fact, he said all day. Over and over and over. We had some work men here this afternoon. They said "hi" to Noah, Noah said "Ptooey!" Ugh. Maybe if I hide the duck puppet he will forget that word tomorrow. Yeah, right. 

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