Ok, I know it’s been a while…

Well, where has the month gone? I can’t believe July is almost over! I have lots of pictures to share, some old some new. Let’s start with some old ones. Last year, in August of ’06, when Noah was 18 months old we went to Table Rock lake in Arkansas. I brought a disposable camera with us, took a few pictures on Charlie’s boat, then took one of Noah in a fenced dog walk area, then two of him eating (or smearing, you decide) a PBJ. I then put the camera in the cupboard where it sat for a whole year before I found it and finished it up and got it developed. I knew his hair was getting darker, but it was really surprising to me how blond he was last year!

So, this year, in July we went to Table Rock lake again. I didn’t take as many pictures as I had intended to, we spent most of our time relaxing and I just forgot. We were there for the Fourth of July, but we didn’t get to see any fire works. We were going to watch them from the top of the hill at the campground clubhouse, but it began raining too hard they were cancelled. In fact, it rained so hard I was glad we were on a hill because otherwise I would have been concerned of flooding, and luckily the lake was low enough below us we didn’t have to worry that the water could rise that high. There were fire works the next night but Noah had an exhuasting day and was already in bed when they were starting. I did get to see my first lightening bugs ever though, so that was kind of cool. I always wanted to see some. Noah got a kick out of them too. 

Here you will see what the view was from our RV as Noah was playing in the empty lot next door. Oh, and there are a couple of Andy, Blake and Noah in the RV as we stopped by to see their new house on our way home. Their house is pretty amazing. Very unique, I love old houses like that, but I don’t envy the amount of work they have ahead of them. It’s basically three stories, they have finished the top floor for them to live in while they work on restoring the lower two floors to their former glory. More power to them, I can’t wait to see the finished product! I believe Blake when he says that Kansas City is what Denver was 15 years ago, just beginning to have everything bought up, restored and getting ready to boom. I hope he is right, they could be sitting on a virtual goldmine in 10 or 15 years. I wish I had taken my camera with me but I had left it back in the RV.

Then, before we left Kansas City we decided to take Noah to the amusement park.. It was about 95 degrees out, with humidity and it was hot! No, wait…it was HOT! We bought an all day pass for both the ride park and the water park. We spent the morning at the ride park and even though we were downing ice cold water and slushies you can see how hot, no wait, HOT! Poor Noah was, his face was so red. (Don’t worry, he was flushed from the heat, not a sunburned, he really has got pale skin that doesn’t take much to make it look like that). These pictures were taken with a disposable and they really didn’t come out that great, there is one of him flirting with a little girl behind him on the water slide and a cute one of him at Lucy’s Psychiatrist booth. Oh, and one I threw in just ’cause it makes me chuckle, it looks as though Joe is riding the tiny caterpillar ride all by himself, Noah is there you just can’t see him. The rest are just pictures of him on various rides or in the ball area.

At some point after we got home from that trip I took these pictures of his slick hair do right after a bath. Heehee!

Then, for Joe’s birthday we decided to go back to Cutty’s, the same campground we went to with Dave and Lisa in June. This is when I found and decided to use up the rest of that disposable camera I had bought last year. We were on our way home from the swimming pool when Noah found a mud puddle. He decided to test it out.

Here he is with Lola. You can see he’s already found the puddle by the dirt on his shirt. Here he is testing the water, so to speak. Got my hand dirty mama, what you gonna do about it? What about this, see? I can walk in it. (Been sitting too, I see). What if I run through it? Still nothing…just that darn camera clicking away…Hey, this is fun! Maybe if I sit down…still nothing? Well, ok, then how about this?! Hahaha, this is great! Either mom has lost her marbles or she’s finally decided a little dirt doesn’t hurt. (Of course, it was straight to the shower after that).

Unfortunately I forgot to explain that it was a one time, special thing, that mud puddle. Because the next night Joe took him with him to walk the dogs and the first thing he did was run over and stick his head in a mud puddle(Noah, not Joe). Joe had hired a couple of girls, about ten years old, who were advertising themselves as dog walkers to help him and when they all came back to the camper Noah so pleased with himself he couldn’t hardly stand it and the girls thought it was hysterical. Then, as I’m trying to get Noah out of the muddy clothes before he gets too far inside the RV, he turns around and asks the girls "Wanna come take a shower?" Shameless flirt! That did it, Joe and the two girls we’re just about falling over with laughter.

That was our July, in a nutshell. Our next thing will be getting ready for Auntie Roxanne to come visit in about two weeks, during which we will take a quick trip to Glenwood Springs. Can’t wait!

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