Hairy Mac ‘n’ cheese and other stuff…

Joe fixes Noah a bowl of instant macaroni and cheese. He tastes it and says "this tastes funny, it tastes like fish" I taste, it tastes fine. Joe says "it tastes like herring". Um, okay.

So, then he gives Noah a bite who promptly says "This mac n cheese tastes hairy". Hairy, herring…it’s all the same.

I haven’t posted anything lately because it’s been super boring and quiet around here. Ashley (aka Jennifer) came and stayed one night last week, Noah thought that was great. Especially when we went to the bouncy place and Ashley was able to get on all the bouncy stuff with him. That’s really about it. We’ve been staying home mostly or just running errands.

We are getting ready to leave for a camping trip, we are going with Charlie (aka Steve) with his wife and two kids to Arkansas. (FYI, Charlie is Beau’s brother, and the place we are going is the same lake we went to with them last summer). So, I should have some good pics when we get back.

And lastly, just to keep this post from being too boring here are some pictures of Noah, one more bath pictures and a few I snapped after he came out of my bedroom wearing my heels. I thought it was hysterical, Joe just cringed.

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