Ick!!! Ack!!! Yuck!!! Blech!!!


Look what I just scraped off our house. It was in the entry way right outside the front door. It’s the beginning of a yellow jacket nest. Joe is so squeamish when it comes to bees/hornets/wasps that he made me do it. And I know he would have sooner locked me outside with an angry wasp than let me in if he thought it would have followed me. I know this because as he kept screaming in his girlie voice "don’t let it in!" as he was shoving me out the door and trying to shut it before I was half out.

And speaking of gross…stop reading if you are eating or don’t want to barf right now. Noah’s got a cold. Actually we all do. Last night, I was trying to get him to blow his nose. It was particularly, um, productive. I said "wow! that was a big one!" to which he replies excitedly and even hopefully "Was it green?" 

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