Camping Trip

We just got back from a camping trip with Dave and Lisa. We went for three nights to Cutty’s Resort Hayden Creek. It’s in Coaldale, CO about 30 miles past Canyon City. They have a lot of activities, like indoor and outdoor swimming pools (although it was too cold for the outdoor pool). They have basket ball and tennis courts, shuffle board and minigolf. The swimming pool was in good shape but most everything else is in disrepair. The new owners bought it last year and are attempting to restore everything. The night before we arrived the was a terrible windstorm across the whole state. They were reporting winds up to 100 miles per hour all over the place. Cutty’s took a bad hit, losing 53 trees, some of them two feet in diameter. Some snapped in half, some some fallen over with their roots in the air. And there were broken branches everywhere. We almost weren’t able to go at all because a tree had fallen and blocked the entrance. They got it sawed up and moved by the time we got there though.

I think it will be really nice if/when they get it all fixed up. We are considering buying a membership there. If we do, the will credit us for this last trip, then we would have to go two more times to break even and three times to start getting the benefit of it. We’ll see. I think we would basically be leasing a spot there. We could pick any spot we wanted and it would be there for us whenever we wanted to go.

Noah had a blast. He only slept from 12:30 to 5 AM the first night so that put a huge crimp in our first day. But after that the sleeping got better. Unfortunately, the swimming pool really flared up his eczema. This was the view from right behind the RV. We saw a few deer too.

Noah loved the minigolf. After about the second hole he gave up on the club and just had fun rolling the ball through the obstacles. Then we moved on to tennis. Come to think of it, he plays tennis much like he plays minigolf.

There was a little playground with a tiny town and a swing set. He was not in the mood for pictures just then so I could only get candid shots. But he really had a blast playing "store". He sold us pinecones, tree branches and rocks. Joe needs to teach him to be a better business man though because most of the time he would hand you your item and then pay you for it. Or, if you "paid" him with your leaves the money went out the back window. And later, back in the camper he was trying to fill daddy’s shoes.

And here are the rest of the photos. We had a good time. The weather was cool, a tiny bit of rain, but nothing major. We’ll keep you updated if we get a membership.

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