Pooky Dark

Noah has met the boogey man. His name is Pooky Dark. (Remember he drops his beginning S’s so think Spooky Dark). I don’t know how he came up with that name, but he saw him last night, as did I. He woke up at 1:50, he wasn’t very serious about crying, more kind of whining so I didn’t go to his room right away. But by 2:30 when he hadn’t gone back to sleep I went down there and rubbed his back, sang some songs. I thought he’d fall back asleep, I left. He started talking to himself, I was half asleep but aware that he was awake. Sometime after 4:00 I heard him coming up the stairs. He came in our room, so I got up and picked him up. He was shaking badly (but not crying, brave little bugger) and talking about Pooky Dark. I got him some milk and as it was warming I could feel he was still shaking. When we got to the bottom of the stairs he was saying Pooky Dark over and over and then he says "See? There it is!" I looked where he was pointing and I saw what appeared to be two green glowing eyes. Turns out, it was a reflection on the window. Kinda hard to explain but the Invisible Fence has a green light. The light was reflecting on the double pane glass (the shade was up). Even I thought it was a bit creepy!

Anyway, he got back to bed and I finally got to go back to sleep just as the sun was coming up. Pooky Dark didn’t get us. This time.

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