Where did my baby go?

Dsc_0340 He’s growing up so fast! I’ve known since before Christmas that Noah was able to climb out of his crib. He just hasn’t actually done it. Until a few days ago. So, it’s out with the crib, and in with the Big Boy bed. We just finished putting the rail on, he hasn’t slept in it yet, I’ll let you know how it’s going. We are also beginning to phase out the naps. On the days he is playing happily and quietly at nap time I just let him keep on playing.

Yesterday, however he woke up the entire house at 6 AM screaming like a banshee. I was sure he was being torn apart limb by limb by murderous pirates or something. I flew out of bed, and race into his room scoop him up and ask "what happened?!" He stops screaming and starts sobbing "I want to read a book".

So, he had a nap yesterday. The new arrangement will be interesting on days like that. We’ll see.

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