Proof that my kid has actually fallen asleep somewhere besides his own bed at least one time in his life. I took this last weekend, he was actually not feeling well which is why I think he was able to pass out the way he did. Believe me, he had to be sick to fall asleep outside his own bed. You can also get a glimpse at my dining room wall color. I never did post pictures of the paint job like I meant to. Hmmmm, might have to get on that.

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Pooky Dark

Noah has met the boogey man. His name is Pooky Dark. (Remember he drops his beginning S’s so think Spooky Dark). I don’t know how he came up with that name, but he saw him last night, as did I. He woke up at 1:50, he wasn’t very serious about crying, more kind of whining so I didn’t go to his room right away. But by 2:30 when he hadn’t gone back to sleep I went down there and rubbed his back, sang some songs. I thought he’d fall back asleep, I left. He started talking to himself, I was half asleep but aware that he was awake. Sometime after 4:00 I heard him coming up the stairs. He came in our room, so I got up and picked him up. He was shaking badly (but not crying, brave little bugger) and talking about Pooky Dark. I got him some milk and as it was warming I could feel he was still shaking. When we got to the bottom of the stairs he was saying Pooky Dark over and over and then he says "See? There it is!" I looked where he was pointing and I saw what appeared to be two green glowing eyes. Turns out, it was a reflection on the window. Kinda hard to explain but the Invisible Fence has a green light. The light was reflecting on the double pane glass (the shade was up). Even I thought it was a bit creepy!

Anyway, he got back to bed and I finally got to go back to sleep just as the sun was coming up. Pooky Dark didn’t get us. This time.

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Dang, they learn early!

Our conversation just now:

Noah: (trotting happily through the kitchen toward the fridge) I’m going to get a popsicle!

Me: No, you haven’t had lunch yet. Would you like a sandwich?

Noah: (very hurt sounding voice) But Daddy said yes!

(I go and find Daddy and confirm that he did not, in fact say yes, he said go ask your mom)

And to think he’s only 27 months old.

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Big Boy bed, follow up

Well, I woke up at 3 AM with a tiny body curled up next to me. I took him back down to his room with a cup of milk and we read some stories and then sang a few songs and he went back to sleep. I was surprised he came all the way up stairs in the dark until I realized I had been working in the basement earlier and had left the pool table-room light on. And there is the night light in the stair well.

What had I been working on in the basement you ask? Bobbie and Lisa are having a yard sale Saturday and I decided to sell some of the baby things we are no longer using. It’s sad saying good bye to that stuff, between the big boy bed and not having the baby stuff here it makes it more real that he’s growing up.

He ate three big pancakes for breakfast today, too. Wow! And then asked for ice cream. (No, he didn’t get it, he got an apple instead). Such a big boy.   

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Where did my baby go?

Dsc_0340 He’s growing up so fast! I’ve known since before Christmas that Noah was able to climb out of his crib. He just hasn’t actually done it. Until a few days ago. So, it’s out with the crib, and in with the Big Boy bed. We just finished putting the rail on, he hasn’t slept in it yet, I’ll let you know how it’s going. We are also beginning to phase out the naps. On the days he is playing happily and quietly at nap time I just let him keep on playing.

Yesterday, however he woke up the entire house at 6 AM screaming like a banshee. I was sure he was being torn apart limb by limb by murderous pirates or something. I flew out of bed, and race into his room scoop him up and ask "what happened?!" He stops screaming and starts sobbing "I want to read a book".

So, he had a nap yesterday. The new arrangement will be interesting on days like that. We’ll see.

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Camping with Mr. Sassy Mouth

Here are a few pictures from our camping trip to Glenwood last week. They are mostly of Noah playing out behind the RV at our campsite. We had a great time, the weather was perfect and Noah liked the ‘wimming pool’. I didn’t take my good camera to the pool, but I had bought a disposable one when we went to the Adventure Park and then forgot it when we went to the pool. So, no pool pictures. When I get the disposable developed (which still has a few shots left) I will post those here.

Noah is getting ornery. He is getting a sassy mouth. I’m going to have to really crack down on it. I tell him "you need to use your manners, don’t order me around!" So, one day in the car he says "I want a cookie". I ask him where his manners are, to which he replies "Please…I order you!" Yeah, um, you can’t beat the system, Noah.

He also picked up something from his dad. He was trying to tell me something and I was only half listening. So he takes my face in his hands and says "comprende?" So, now he can order me in two languages, oh joy!

He’s a handful. That’s for sure!

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Nora, the piano playing cat

If only I could figure out how to get Cody to earn his keep…

Piano playing cat

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If you tried to view the pupcake pictures

and were not able to, please try the link again. There should be 29 photos in the set. I think I fixed the link. E-mail me if you still cannot see them.


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