Potty talk…

Well, we had our first success with the potty tonight. Noah has sat on his potty many times before, with and without the diaper with no, um, action until tonight. So, I guess we are officially in potty training mode at least as far as having some expectation of him using it. The motivators are Skittles and getting to flush the big potty (off limits until now). Now to make him understand that we don’t get a skittle and flush between each…er…deposit. That is, you should make all the deposits you have first and then get the skittle and have one flush.

We’ll see how the next week goes and if it looks like he might get serious about this then maybe we will go buy some pull-ups, and maybe even some big boy undies for an incentive for later. He says he wants some with tigers on them. Rrrrrooooowwwrr!

P.S. Rachelle, thanks again so much for the potty tape you got for his birthday, I think it’s been a huge help even getting this far and we talk about Joshua and his potty a lot!

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