Seurat in the making

Noahart Noahart2Undoubtedly, historians will look back on Noah’s early career as an artist and refer to this as his polkadot period. Pointillist Georges Seurat would be impressed!



This piece demonstrates his talants as a Noahart3_2graphic artist. So far, I think I’d rather Noah stick to Airline_mapbeing an artist than a pilot. You can see some evidence that the polkadot technique has been used effectively here as well. This side by side comparison shows that while attempting to be true to realistic nature, he has taken some creative liberties.

*Special note to Grandpa T and Auntie Roxanne. Notice that while the state of Florida appears to be missing he has concentrated the majority of his "destination points" where Tampa/St. Petersburg ought to be. I believe this is a subliminal message that he would like to come for a visit.

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  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Come on down. The weather is great, although cool this weekend.Perfect for Joe.

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