Sunday afternoon…

Dsc_0252 Ashley came over today and gave all the pooches a little pampering. They each got a bath and Shelby got a new ‘do! I think she’s torn between loving it and feeling naked. Max was wound up after his bath as usual and had fun chasing a stick. I didn’t get any pictures of Roscoe because he was off digging for critters or something.

Then after Ashley played with Noah on his new Swingset. Or ‘wingset’ as some people call it around here. We decided to buy the smallest, least expensive one Walmart had. Our thinking was that we will probably only use it for a year or so, then buy one of the bigger wooden ones. We just didn’t want to get one of those yet because Noah is still too little and he can be a daredevil so the thought of constantly having to spot him on one of those big ones scared me.

Speaking of daredevils… Joe is just itching to buy Noah a tiny dirt bike. I know! I KNOW! I told him he can’t ride til next year, but he thinks we should go ahead and buy it now because the ’06’s are on clearance. Yeah, but this time next year the ’07’s will be on clearance. He (Joe) just can’t wait. He mentioned it to Noah last weekend that he would buy him a tiny motorcycle and of course Noah spent the rest of that day telling us he NEEDED a tiny motorcyle. As in now. Yeah right kid! Keep dreamin’!

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