Happy Birthday Roxanne!

Dsc_0334 In honor of your birthday we baked a batch of pupcakes! Noah did most of the work with just a little help from mommy and daddy. Hope you have a good day!

P.S. The above link will take you to a batch of pictures that you can click on individually to read the captions I put with each one. To view pictures as a slideshow without captions click here.

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Warning: major eye rolling ahead

Be afraid, very afraid. I think we have a little mini-Joe here. I asked Noah if he was ready to put his jammies on and go to bed. He says no. No? Are you sure? I ask him. And guess what he says…are you ready for this?

"Trust me"

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Potty talk…

Well, we had our first success with the potty tonight. Noah has sat on his potty many times before, with and without the diaper with no, um, action until tonight. So, I guess we are officially in potty training mode at least as far as having some expectation of him using it. The motivators are Skittles and getting to flush the big potty (off limits until now). Now to make him understand that we don’t get a skittle and flush between each…er…deposit. That is, you should make all the deposits you have first and then get the skittle and have one flush.

We’ll see how the next week goes and if it looks like he might get serious about this then maybe we will go buy some pull-ups, and maybe even some big boy undies for an incentive for later. He says he wants some with tigers on them. Rrrrrooooowwwrr!

P.S. Rachelle, thanks again so much for the potty tape you got for his birthday, I think it’s been a huge help even getting this far and we talk about Joshua and his potty a lot!

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Uh, Margaret? You have something on your lip…

Dsc_0281_2Noah has the Little People School Bus. He loves it, and plays with it all the time. It came with three Little People. Noah likes to name his Little People. One from another set is named Mr. Peters. I still have not figured out where that name came from, it appears to be a young blond boy. Anyway, he wanted to name these new people. We named the boy student Greg. And the girl we are calling CindyLou. Then there is the bus driver. Naturally, since Rachelle’s friend Margaret recently began a job as a bus driver we named that one Margaret. It even looks like her, with a dark complexion and black hair.  Then today I noticed something. Margaret has a mustache. Ooops. Sorry, Margaret!

By the way, does Mrs. Noah (of Noah’s ark fame) have a name?  He has a Little People’s Noah’s Ark that came with a Mrs. Noah, and she apparently wants an education as well because she has become a school bus rider. He looks at me like I’m teasing him when I say her name is Mrs. Noah. She must have a name of her own?

Poor Elmo. He is the one who always gets stuck behind the bus waiting. He follows that bus where ever it goes. I mean, what fun is a bus if you aren’t holding up cars with it, right Margaret? 😉

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Is it possible to read to your kid too much?

If so, I think we have done it. First of all, Noah speaks in odd sentences sometimes. He will say something like "will you turn on the TV mommy said?". Translation he wants mommy to turn on the TV.  We can only surmise he gets this from books where "so-and-so said" happens alot.

Also, we took Noah to the zoo today (bad mommy, didn’t take the camera). One of his favorite books at the moment is a paperback called "The Monkey Book" (at least I think that is what it’s called, that is what we call it anyway). It talks about lots of different kinds of monkies with great illustrations. We were so excited to go to the zoo so we could find some of the monkies in his book. On the way there he told us he wanted to see the baby gibbon. Turns out, we didn’t see any gibbons today. If they were there, we missed them. But it’s still early spring and many of the exhibits were closed or empty, including Monkey Island (bummer!). He thought it was great to see the Mandril, the baboon, and the capuchin monkies. The Colobus exhibit was empty, but he was ok with that. But when he realized we were about done and ready to leave he reminded us we had not yet found the baby gibbon. I felt so bad, and yet at the same time amazed. We had just seen about 1000 animals and birds, many of which impressed him, but he remembered what he really wanted to see. At 26 months! How smart is that?

Another of his favorite books is a synopsis of Toy Story 2. We just bought him the movie, and he’s very into both right now.  He picks out things from the book that are difficult concepts for one with no back ground information. Such as on one page Woody and Jessie are inside a taxiing airplane trying to get out. The are about to jump out a hole where the landing gear is. I dread this part of the book because he doesn’t understand it and he really, really wants to. He has no concept of moving (taxiing) planes, landing gear and luggage carts. I try to explain, but it is beyond his realm of experience. So, each time we read this book (that would be twice a day, nap time and bed time) we go through the same process. What are they doing? Trying to get out of the plane. What is that? That’s the wheel of the plane, they are going to jump out of the plane on to Bullseye’s back (a horse).  What is that? That’s the man driving the cart with all the peoples bags on it. What’s on his ears? Those are earmuffs (earmuffs? there must be a better word!) because the plane is very noisy.

It amazes me how much he really wants to understand all this, and how much he already knows.

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I want spring!

Well, the big snowstorm missed us…wooohooo! I’m getting so tired of this snow! We got a little, but not the 18-24 inches they predicted for Castle Rock/Colorado Springs. What we did get melted off today. Here are a few pictures of the ice storm we got last week. We took these in Palmer Lake. By the way, all of these photos are taken in color. That’s why I like them, they look like they are black and white except for an occasion patch of ground, grass or building. Cool, huh?

Poor Noah. Everyday he asks to go play on is ‘wingset. It’s either too windy, too cold, too wet, too something! We are both ready for warmer weather!

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Flashback to Halloween

Halloween_061_6 I just got copies made of a few pictures that mom took of Noah in his Halloween costume, they came out better than the ones I took. Unfortunately these are scans from a print, so not great quality, but I think you get the idea. There is also one of him from last summer. He was mopping grandma’s floor while wearing his Mr. Potatohead glasses 🙂

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Seurat in the making

Noahart Noahart2Undoubtedly, historians will look back on Noah’s early career as an artist and refer to this as his polkadot period. Pointillist Georges Seurat would be impressed!



This piece demonstrates his talants as a Noahart3_2graphic artist. So far, I think I’d rather Noah stick to Airline_mapbeing an artist than a pilot. You can see some evidence that the polkadot technique has been used effectively here as well. This side by side comparison shows that while attempting to be true to realistic nature, he has taken some creative liberties.

*Special note to Grandpa T and Auntie Roxanne. Notice that while the state of Florida appears to be missing he has concentrated the majority of his "destination points" where Tampa/St. Petersburg ought to be. I believe this is a subliminal message that he would like to come for a visit.

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The big mistake…

So, I bought Noah a box of animal crackers. We had fun identifying each animal and playing with it before he ate it. Boy, was that a mistake. Now every bit of food  is an animal. Grilled cheese and soup becomes a dinosaur tromping through a swamp. You get the idea. So I’ve had to be pretty strict about not playing with our food at all, to avoid being humiliated and possibly even barred from restaurants.

Tonight I hear him him tell his pieces of fish "Let’s have a parade!" I immediately jump into action: We don’t play with our food, it’s not a toy.

Then I hear a very, very tiny voice tell the fish in a very sad way "No parade. We are not having a parade today *sigh*". 

It’s not easy to be two.

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Everything is agoshamole..

I told Noah tonight that we were going to finish dinner, get a bath and get ready for bed. He tells me plainly "no". So, I explain to him that it is not negotiable. He says "yes, mama, it is! It’s agoshamole!"

He’s going to have to ask his daddy for some tips on negotiating because guess what? As cute as that was he’s still going to take a bath and go to bed.

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