’cause I was freakin’

Scene: Noah is downstairs playing with Thomas the Train. Mommy is upstairs, not willing to go downstairs and watch. A child’s voice echos up the stairwell…

Noah: Mama!

Mama: Noah, if you want to talk to me come upstairs…

Noah: Mama!!

Mama: (silence)

Noah: MAMA!!

Mama: (silence)

Noah: MAMA!!!!!

Noah appears at the top of the stairs

Noah: Mama! I was freaking out down there!!!

Mama: (trying not to laugh) Why were you freaking out?

Noah: ’cause I was freakin’!

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Happy St Patricks day!

Dsc_0189 We took Noah downtown to the St Patricks day parade today. It was fun, but very crowded. Noah had a good time and thought the candy was the best part. The llamas and clowns were kind of cool too. Then, after we stopped at Grandma T’s house and visited her, Tony and Brandy stopped by right at the end. You can see the rest of the photos here.

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Bug1 My budding artist. Simply titled "Bug"

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A rose by any other name…

Noah_and_tony Poor Tony. He’s here visiting. When we picked him up we told Noah we were going to get him at Auntie Lisa’s house. Somehow that got confused with ‘we are going to pick up Auntie Lisa’. So, Noah has been calling Uncle Tony "Auntie Lisa" the whole time he’s been here.

We are finally getting some warm weather, just in time for us to get sick. Noah’s got a slight cold and I have a sore throat today. But these are the warmest days we’ve had since Mid-December and darn it, we are going to enjoy it! Here are some photos of Noah playing in his sandbox and a few other misc items.

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Let’s go fly a kite!

Dsc_0179 Sorry for the sparse updates recently. We are still trying to put the house back together after the repairs and painting. When I get it everything back in it’s place I will take some photos. The problem is there are many things that no longer go with the new paint scheme that I love but don’t know what to do with yet.

Anyway, Joe bought Noah a kite and today it was finally warm enough, and not too windy to put it up. The thrill was big but short lived. I think Noah thought it was going to do more than just, um, well… fly. But we got some good pictures, so I thought I’d share. I’m still going to upload the ice skating video from his birthday. Soon, promise! *Clicking the colored, underlined words will take you to Flickr where you can see the rest of the pictures. 

P.S. My sisters love to remind me that when I was little I like to call those furry little things that scurry around "chickermunkers". Noah has come up with his own unique name as well. The other day we got in the car and the IPOD happened to pick Alvin and the Chipmunks to play and he yelled out "MONKEY CHIPS!" And one other cute for you… those little individual frosted cake treats? They are called "pupcakes". Heehee!

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