And so it begins…

The Terrible Two’s have arrived. It’s a week or two early, but hey, at least he’s advanced for his age. In the lasts couple of weeks we have some new additions to our vocabulary. The first is the multitude of questions. Where are you going? What is that? What are you doing? Why are you doing that? The never ending river of inquiries is here.

The next one I have heard only a few times, probably because he’s an only child: It’s Mine! He’ll offer a toy to one of the dogs, or even the cat and if they even go to sniff it he informs them It’s Mine!

And then, of course who could forget the classic I won’t. He usually says this quieter and with less conviction than ‘It’s mine’ but with a certain tone of stubbornness.

His answer to naptime? I won’t.

His answer to changing his diaper? I won’t

I’m sure if I said let’s eat candy in front of TV all day his first response would be I won’t. I made Mac n Cheese last night, his favorite

Me: Hurry up and eat, we have to leave

Noah: I won’t

Me: (Cheerfully) OK, then, Daddy and I will eat it (proceed to eat…)

Which brings us to the last one: I want it!!! Now who told this kid if you whine ‘I want it!!!’ annoyingly enough, that you might actually get what you are asking for? Not likely, kiddo!

Calgon, take me away…

P.S. Joe has a call in to schedule the surgery, finally. He’s going to try for Monday the 12th or Tuesday the 13th if they can get him in then. Will post when we know for sure.

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  1. hey Noah I will teach you a new one for your birthday today NO WAY JOSE (THATS OK IF YOU CAN’T READ)YOU WILL CATCH ON QUICKLY LOVE

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