Joe is in the ER

Hi everyone. It’s 10:00 AM here and Joe is in the ER. He had that stomach pain he gets periodically starting night before last. It started during the day on Friday and was gone by 10 pm that night. Then last night it started again about 11 pm. He toughed it out all night, but I could tell it was really bad. He went to Sky Ridge at about 6 AM this morning. He called to tell me they found gall stones (finally! I’ve always suspected this, but they have never found  it before). Kaiser won’t approve for the tests to be done at Sky Ridge to see if the gall bladder needs to be removed. Joe doesn’t trust Kaiser and is worried that if he is transported there they will say it doesn’t need to come out just to save money. So he is considering paying out of pocket at Sky Ridge to have a HIDA scan done. If the test comes back positive the doctor at Sky Ridge said he will need to have his gall bladder removed TODAY.

I didn’t go with Joe this morning because every other time they just say they can’t find anything, give him a GI cocktail to numb the pain and send him home. Now I wish I had gone. I could get my mom to come stay with Noah, but the roads are really bad. We are getting more snow and Joe said he was sliding all over to get there this morning. It’s been snowing and blowing so bad I’m not sure if I can make it out of our driveway or not. If he is transported to St. Josephs (the hospital Kaiser works with) for the surgery I will make my way down there.

Until then, I’m going to stay here until we know what’s going on. I will update here as I know more.

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