Jupiter is at his new home…

Puppy I believe that most of you are aware that we found this dog in our yard back in November. He’s been staying with us since. In mid December we had him neutered and put him up for a adoption on a rescue website. Two days ago we had our first couple come look. A young couple. Very young, as in late teens, possibly early 20’s. They drove 4 hours to come see him. They had to leave their car running so their pythons wouldn’t freeze.  They had already given up one dog because they moved somewhere that didn’t allow dogs. And they were going to have to borrow the adoption fee money. Oh, and there was some comment about the last dog getting drunk. Haha.

I don’t think so. We told them to fill out the application on the website and we’d go from there, but we told the shelter people not to approve them, no way.

So, last night we had another couple come look. They were a little bit older, seemed more suitable. We told them to fill out the application and we would recommend them to be approved. As soon as they left we let the other three dogs out of the bedroom and Max, who was jealous that Jupiter was out here playing with company and he wasn’t, tore into Jupiter. Ten PM visit to the ER vet, $200, and 2 staples later Jupiter’s ear is repaired. So we called the rescue shelter and told them we needed to place Jupiter as fast as possible,  we worked it out that Jupiter could go to his new home today. So he is there now, and of course Joe is torn up. He would have really loved to keep him and was very attached.   

Good-bye Jupiter, have a good life.

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