Welcome to Noah’s page!

Hi everyone! I have decided to start a little web page for Noah for everyone to be able to keep up with him. We’ll see how it goes. I will post pictures here and stories about what he is up to, and you can come check anytime you have some free time.

Here are a few pictures to start with. They are from right after storm #2, when ever that was, I’ve lost track now! We’ve since had more snow, and are expecting another storm at the end of this week. We haven’t had much warm, so it still looks pretty much like this. Clicking on the picture will bring up a bigger version in another window.

Dsc00628 Dsc00630_1 Dsc00634



And here is one more of Noah asking us to go camping! We almost had to go live in the RV when we ran out of propane in the house!


Please feel free to leave comments in the comment section!

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  1. Wow, all you can see is white everywhere!!!! I hope you have lots of propane and food this time around. How is your mom doing with all of this? The pictures of Noah are so cute, boy is he getting big. I really like the picture of him by the RV and sleeping, how did you get that shot? Love, Anita

  2. Noah you are so cute except at that avalanche game, however its a good thing its kinda dark so we can’t really see, your always the cutest to me.
    love auntie chell (I should say rachelle now, since that is what he says, no kid before the age of 2 could ever say my name)

  3. He is realling growing up.
    you can have the blizzards, i would hate to have to drive to get to work everyday in that snow.
    Love Grandpa

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